From our friends who brought you LitP-LITE July 4th edition, comes the Thanksgiving DAY (Thursday, November 22, 2007), Lindy in the Park – LITE! Here’s the info:
Enjoy FREE (as always) swing dancing to the tunes of DJ JEFF YIH! Happening at the same time, same place as the regular LitP (11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Golden Gate Park.) But, remember: it’s on THURSDAY, not Sunday!
LitP-Lite on Thanksgiving is a great way to burn off some calories before the big feast! We won’t be having a potluck, just MUSIC AND DANCING! So you can save your appetite for Thanksgiving dinner with family/friends.

Lindy in the Park – LITE means that we use a smaller sound system, and it’s endorsed by, but not run by, the official LitP crew. Also, it’s a holiday, so the teachers get a BREAK, and that means NO SWING LESSON.

For more information and discussion about this special event, please check the SwingTalk forum web site.

And YES, the regular LitP continues each Sunday, even during the holidays, weather permitting, of course.